Random observations pt. 1

I realized I already broke my promise to update this blog every week, so I’m going to generate as much #content as I can this weekend and next week.

Random Observations

  • Is Narcos a good television show? I have watched every episode of Narcos, usually between the hours of 12 and 4 in the morning, and I constantly swing back and forth. There are many moments when the show is actually decent. But there are also way too many problems for me to take it seriously. The number of dramatic discussions (subtitled or not) is ridiculous. The show seems to believe that all exposition and background need to be done with awful voiceovers or dramatic conversations. I wish we were allowed to see more of Colombia, or take time for more establishing shots, but we do not. It gets better in season 2, but I don’t understand the direction. I give the show a 7 out of 10.
  • Jose Quintana continues to be the most consistent starting pitcher in baseball on a year-to-year basis. As of September 9, he has an ERA of 3.13 and 4.6 fWAR, which are basically the exact same numbers he had at the end of 2015 and 2014. Jose Quintana is a combined 44-44 over his career with a 3.40 ERA and a 3.44 FIP. What is Jose Quintana’s trade value? What would he command on the open market? I think a 27-year-old Quintana deserves more than Rick Porcello’s 4-year $82.5 million deal. He may be worth about $25 million per season. Yes, a pitcher with a .500 career record deserves $25 million per year. That’s what happens when you pitch for the White Sox.
  • Wilco released another album this week. It’s called Schmilco. I’m amazed that the band is putting out music at such a rapid pace, considering most modern rock bands take anywhere from two to 15 years to release albums. It makes you wonder whether the last two albums are as well-planned as Wilco’s earlier releases, and a name like Schmilco doesn’t spell those thoughts.
  • Would the Yankees be even closer to the second AL wild-card if they hadn’t traded Chapman and Miller? Obviously, but there’s one game in particular that should really irk Yankees fans. On August 16th, the Yankees gave up a 6-run lead to the Blue Jays in the late innings and lost 12-6. That almost definitely would not have happened if the Trifecta of Terror had still sat in the bullpen. The Yankees’ record fell to 61-58. No one paid much attention. Now that game (and that trade) looms much larger in the AL East Grindhouse.
  • I am going to make one sports-related bet that everyone should jump on (at their own risk). On Bovada, the online sportsbook, you can currently bet on Martellus Bennett to have more than 4.5 touchdowns in 2016 (-110). Rob Gronkowski has been ruled out for Week 1. Who knows when he’ll come back. Jump on that now.

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