Premier League Picks: Matchday 17

Every week on this blog, I hope to provide an inordinate amount of analysis for all available Premier League antics. I don’t have time for a full preview, but here are my picks for the weekend.

Tristan’s Premier League Picks

Saturday Fixtures

Chelsea vs. Sunderland

Chelsea to win, under 2.5/3 goals

Everton vs. Leicester City

Draw, over 3 goals

Manchester United vs. Norwich

Norwich +1.5, under 2.5 goals

Southampton vs. Tottenham

Tottenham pick with draw protection, under 2.5 goals

West Brom vs. Bournemouth

West Brom to win, over 2.5 goals

Stoke City vs. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace +0.5, under 2.5 goals

Newcastle vs. Aston Villa

Newcastle to win, over 2.5 goals

Rest of the Weekend

Watford vs. Liverpool

Watford +0.5, under 2.5 goals

Swansea vs. West Ham

Swansea to win w/draw protection, under 2.5 goals

Arsenal vs. Manchester City

Arsenal to win, take the over

Overall: 8-12

Over / Under: 5-2


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